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Album Bio

A dream manifested, Jah Jr. has worked year after year to master his craft and present to the world, the artist that he has grown to be today. Not your everyday rapper, this award-winning songwriter perfectly curates a collection that speaks to some of the most monumental memories of his lifetime thus far. Solid in his vision “Here I Go”, was brought to fruition through sweat, tears, and a few therapy sessions. The perspective shifts are apparent as he walks you through his rollercoaster ride of life in 8 tracks.

Hustler’s Dream Feat. Bert
Inspired by Lyfe Jennings, “Must Be Nice”, Jah Jr. finds the right words to sooth those who need this message.

“Even though they say we movin’ wrong
We go’n keep on hustlin’ all night long
Even when they start actin different
Them niggas mad cuz we winnin’ over here
They know it’s our year”

His childhood is a testament to his resilience and for this record he channels everything he has moved past in an effort to make his dreams come true. Reflecting on his past poses as a reminder, and he notes just why there’s no way he can quit now. Millions of people give up not realizing that they’re so close. Giving up because you aren’t being notices is a cop out, as this song pushed for forward progression, regardless. For every person that doesn’t believe, there’s a thousand more that will. Jah Jr. advises, “Don’t let anyone stop you. Tunnel vision”.

Big Shot Feat. Deezy
“Shawty told me she
Knew I was poppin from the get go
They say that I’m blessed
Got em investing like I’m crypto
If you didn’t know. I’m the truth”

Starting as a hook originally written to another beat, Jah Jr. eventually found his dream beat for this record. Dedicated to his journey as an artist and his ascension to a new level, Jah Jr. makes it known that he is not one to be looked over.  “Big Shot” is another record where Jah Jr. is in rare form.  The feature from a Dublin legend only adds to the fire power as the duo proclaims the realest are in the building.

“Quality” you say, “isn’t it self-explanatory?”

Jah Jr. gives the people something that knocks as they say in the west, as he dances over the beat with playful cadences and voice fluctuations. This record plays no games as Jah Jr. shows that he cannot be boxed in. He switches it up entirely with clever punch lines, jabbing at his opponents with a necessary arrogance that this record calls for.

“I said the ladies love me like I’m big papi
Big checks hoe I been bout it
Never gave af how you whores feel
Even Orville know I been poppin”

How can you not see the quality in that?